I'm not sure what to write – haven't been for several weeks now – but I am sure of something: I should write (and that my fingernails are longer than ever before).
I should write because I feel as though much has happened since my last substantial entry. Then again, I can't help but feel that isn't entirely true. I feel stagnant lately. Considering I've just returned from a road trip to and from Halifax, I know this feeling isn't to do with where I am physically in my life as the matter is primarily to do with where I am mentally, that is, in transition from a life I was borne into, to a life I have chosen to take into my own hands. So essentially, it's more ebb than flow.

When I traveled the Maritimes in August I bypassed Halifax. So I felt it necessary to tag along with a special someone to see what I had initially overlooked. Hence the roadie.

Visiting and discovering the city of Halifax was much more of a joy than I had anticipated. When asked about my favourite aspect of Halifax I answered, "the people." Just as Robyn had put it so succinctly, there lies an "assumed friendship" amongst the people of Halifax, tourists and denizens alike. It struck me as a place of humanism, of conviviality. Typically, a lot of city folk – at least as far as I have noticed throughout the handful of major cities I've seen–  behave as metropolitans do, which is a sophisticated euphemism for behaving like assholes, in a sense. Not in Hali though. The impression I was left with was simple : a large populace (approx. 400,000) with town-like affinity.

Also, this recent road trip spanned about 3,200 km, meaning that my yearly travel total in kilometres has now surpassed 33,000. The earth's circumference is 40,075km. If I find myself teaching English in Asia by December, well then, I should write a book about my experience of 2012: Living as if the Mayans were right.

Without further ado, photos. All cred to Robyn for their quality.

Dalhousie campus, non-student

Peggy's Cove, NS

My favourite

All photo credit to the lovely, lithely Robyn Thiessen. Find her blog here.

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